How does OPPassessment work?

This section provides an overview of how OPPassessment fits together and functions.

How do people interact with the system?

OPPassessment is effectively two separate - but related - web sites:

  • A practitioner site
  • A respondent site

The practitioner site is used by qualified practitioners to administer and manage the psychometric questionnaires they allocate to different respondents. This site allows the management of both Microsoft Word-based and web-based questionnaires.

The respondent site is where people come to fill in the web-based questionnaires that have been allocated to them. (Microsoft Word-based questionnaires are sent out to respondents by email, and are filled in remotely, on the respondent's own computer.) Due to data protection laws, respondents must be 16 or over.

How do I allocate questionnaires to respondents?

Assuming that you are registered with OPPassessment, and that you have logged in to the system as a practitioner, the basic steps of the OPPassessment process are as follows:


Decide whether you want your respondents to be a part of a campaign or not. A campaign or project collects together a group of respondents and allows you to manage your interactions with them. For example, if you have a group of 13 respondents from one company, and 21 from another, you can organise them into two separate campaigns. This makes administration clearer, and means that you can communicate specific instructions to each group and keep track of each campaign's progress discretely.

If you choose to create a campaign to organise a group of respondents, you then follow the basic workflow described below.

  1. Create a campaign via the "New Campaign" menu option.
  2. Use the "Campaign details" page to add your respondents' details, and to allocate the questionnaires that you wish them to complete.
  3. Optionally tailor the standard OPPassessment email that is sent to all the respondents in a campaign.
  4. Start the campaign by sending out your instructions and questionnaire details to the respondents.
  5. Track the progress of the campaign using the "Campaign summary" page.
  6. As respondents finish their questionnaires, order their reports (via the "Order reports" page) and give appropriate feedback.


You can also administer questionnaires for non-campaign respondents: you can only allocate these individuals Microsoft Word questionnaires, and order reports based on their results. Not all questionnaires are available in Word format.

For non-campaign respondents, the essential workflow is this:

  1. Order the questionnaires that you want to distribute from the "Order questionnaires" page (accessed via the "Non-campaign" menu options). The questionnaires will be emailed to you.
  2. When you receive the questionnaires, send them to your respondents with appropriate instructions. Respondents must use Microsoft Word to complete the questionnaire.
  3. Track the progress of your respondents via the emails that are sent to you as they submit their questionnaires to the system.
  4. As respondents finish their questionnaires, order their reports (via the "Order reports" page) and give appropriate feedback.